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Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on being a long-term developer, owner, and manager of new luxury multi-family properties and are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for residents and regular returns to investors upon stabilization.

The Firm

T. Wall Enterprises Mgt, LLC (and affiliates) is a leading luxury multi-family housing developer in Wisconsin that has successfully developed over half a billion dollars of properties with over 1,500 apartment units plus hundreds more in the pipeline. T. Wall’s proven investment strategy involves using the highest quality building materials and craftsmanship, state-of-the-art amenities, and providing 24-hour maintenance to attract and retain high occupancy levels with a high rent customer base.


The T. Wall companies have been a leading pioneer in green development and sustainability and the only winner of the Governor’s award for energy efficiency along with having installed the largest solar panel array in Wisconsin on a multi-family building. That’s why we’ve focused on environmentally-conscious methods and materials in our construction projects, including the only 100% storm water detention system in the state, the first indoor bike storage rooms, the only developer to actually build a bike path and also donate a bike station, the first private company to install a geothermo HVAC system, and the only company ever to teach and mentor Focus on Energy in sustainable intiatives. And now, the first apartment company in Wisconsin to include two Tesla Model 3 electric shared vehicles for residents’ use. The Madison mayor and council also formally recognized T. Wall companies for their green initiatives with a resolution.  View T. Wall’s Sustainability Accomplishments.

The Market

Our laser focus is on growing markets in Wisconsin – in particular greater Madison, but also a few select communities in the state that satisfy specific criteria. (We’re experts in Wisconsin; we’re not flying off to other areas of the country.) We select markets that first, have a shortage of quality multi-family housing at the upper tier, and second are growing in terms of population, employment, household income, and other key data points. Overall, apartments are in strong demand as both Millennials and Babyboomers are driving demand. Greater Madison is our primary ‘anchor’ target market because it has the fifth highest percentage (26.8%) of millennials among U.S. metro areas; has the lowest unemployment rate in the state; and the fastest growing tech and healthcare sectors, which are among the reasons the city has become the second most popular destination in the country for millennials. In fact, Madison has the second fastest growing tech sector in the country (surpassed only by Los Angeles), with a growth rate of 40% over the past five years. These demographic and economic factors have fueled a massive demand for multi-family units, leading to a city vacancy rate that is one of the lowest in the country according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Investment Opportunity

As of January 2020, the company has over 650 investors providing the company with a stable equity base. Brick and mortar assets will continue to have value, while other intangible assets like stocks and bonds have the potential to lose all their value. Investing in real estate may contribute to a more diverse or stable and secure long-term investment portfolio. Investment options include equity and/or promissory notes, and investors may benefit from a one or more of the following: regular returns upon stabilization via quarterly distributions, long-term appreciation, and depreciation tax benefits depending on your investment goals and choices, and investors have access to a cutting edge investor portal that provides secure access to all your documents and investment data points, including your investments, returns, tax forms, property data, and new investment opportunities — any time, from any device.  View investor portal demo.